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Enter your personal and academic details in the appropriate parts of the application form. Scan the necessary personal and academic documents and attach them to your application. Documentos should be in.

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Consult the documentation section below to check if this program has another document model. Failure to include documents requested in each of the specific sections of the application may lead to the denial of your application. Documents issued in languages other than Catalan, Spanish or English, you must provide translated according to the indications on the official translation that you will find in the section ' Legalisation ' of this website.

If you need to incorporate two certificates, such as the degree certificate and the master certificate, or two university degrees, remember that you have to save them in a single document to be included in the computer application. You can download the proof of receipt of your application.

Decisions on applications will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated in the pre-registration application. You can consult the stage of the application process at the same link as the application form. If you need an early admission motivated by a scholarship, you must indicate it in the field of observations as well as indicate for which scholarship.

PhD in Plant Biology and Biotechnology

The coordination of the program, depending on the situation, will resolve your early admission, if applicable. Consult some indications that may be useful for you to pre-register online: What to do if you have taken a master's degree in Spain and you do not find it in the list of masters that are listed in the university where you studied it? If you have a master's degree official in a Spanish university and when you indicate the university does not appear in the list of masters, you can indicate as follow: Choose the option "Master obtained outside Spain". In the field of studies indicate the name of the studies you have taken for example: "Master in Information Technology".

Remember that you will have to indicate if you have finished it or not and, once informed this field, click the 'Next' button to continue the online application. Considerations for filling in personal information In the institutional email field, if you do not have it indicated, you must add your personal email address.

Programme Plant Biotechnology

As for the addresses, you have to incorporate both the usual and the during the course. If the latter does not yet know, you must indicate the same address that you indicated in the usual address. Regarding the birth zip code, if you were born in a Spanish population that has more than one code, you can indicate any of them.

If you apply for more than one doctorate at the UAB, the application will retrieve the information of the mandatory documentation that you indicated in the first application for doctoral access. If the second request asks for other documentation, you can indicate it in the optional documents. If you do not find your university registered in the system, you must select any other university in your country and in the field of observations of the same application indicate the name of the university where you got the degree. Admissions before the established period and pre-admissions The Doctoral School, following the indications of the coordination of the PhD programme, can issue before the start of the term of admission of an academic course, or before the end of the term of resolution, letters of admission so that you can request a scholarship or to do the visa procedures in your country.

Monitoring your application You can monitor your application using the same page as you made it. Below are the explanations of the different stages: Application made by student : your pre-registration has been saved. Incomplete application : there are documents missing from the application. Validated by the administrative office : the application and attached documents have been checked. Admitted : the coordinator has considered the pre-registration and proposed an offer or admission. Offer of admission : the Doctoral School has considered the proposals for admission made by the coordinator and has made a definitive offer.

The PhD student will also receive an e-mail informing them of this decision. The PhD student must wait to register. Waiting list : the coordinator has considered the pre-registration and has agreed on admission but there ara no places on the PhD course. Application rejected : the coordinator or the Doctoral School have considered the application but do not agree to admission as not all the requirements have been fulfilled.

Need more information? Please send me more information about PhD's Yes No. I accept the Legal notice. The plants we are using reveal extremely high growth rates and can easily be kept in sterile culture. In particular we focus on the duckweed Wolffia australiana because of its enormous potential as a bioreactor. A second research topic deals with the microalgae Chlamydomonas and the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

We produce various proteins in these plants, which all proteins of pharmaceutical interest: Antibodies of different formats, allergens or antifreeze proteins are just a few examples.

Agricultural Biotechnology Research

In our group, we use state-of-the-art molecular biological methods, e. Depending on the species, the plants are transformed by agrobacteria, gene gun or protoplasts. We are in charge in various research collaborations. You can find out more about the most important on the following pages:. Hust's research group produces recombinant antibodies in various formats.

Furthermore - also due to an exchange programme with the Northeastern University Boston, which has been supported by the DAAD since the 70s - we maintain close cooperations with working groups at the university there, e.