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Giving a class presentation can be stressful under the best of circumstances. However, the effective use of presentation software to organize and structure the content of your work can help ease your anxiety. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Using Presentation Software Effectively. Visual Guidelines for Presentation Slides. Pictures or other illustrations are used for the following reasons:. However, don't over do it!

Digital tools for researchers

Under most circumstances, there will be a level of professionalism expected in how you present your work. This doesn't mean that your presentation should be bland and tedious , but always keep in mind that funny graphics are no substitute for good content; overdoing it can distract to the point of annoying your audience [think of this as a person who tells the same joke over and over again]. Text Guidelines for Presentation Slides. Below are basic guidelines to remember when composing your presentation slides.

Most of this is common sense, but cutting and pasting text, moving things around, and revising content over time can create errors, so keep these general guidelines in mind when reviewing the final draft of your presentation.

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It's also appropriate to use italics to convey a direct quote. However, follow the general rule that less is more; use short declarative statements or as few words as possible to convey the meaning of what you are saying. Unlike research papers, presentation slides do not have to adhere to strict sentence grammar and paragraph rules.


Handouts are a great idea if your audience isn't too big, but you don't want to spend a lot of time distributing them or having audience members distracting each other while they pass around a pile of materials. If you do use handouts, think about whether you want to distribute them before or after your presentation. If possible, arrive early so you can place a copy on each chair.

Another strategy to save paper is to leave a card on each seat listing the web site where the audience can access the content online.

5 best software for academic writing

Use a link management platform like Bit. It is always good idea to include space on the handout for people to take notes, a list of references, and your contact information so people can review them later or contact you if needed. You could also include some follow-up questions for discussion in your handouts [they can be referred to after the presentation to prompt questions from the audience or to spark a discussion]. Finally, if your handout is more than one double-sided page, staple them together before distributing so audience members aren't distracting themselves with trying to count whether they've got all the pages.

Using the Whiteboard.

Zotero | Your personal research assistant

If there is a whiteboard behind you, put your name and contact information on the whiteboard. However, do this before your talk begins because writing on a board is time-consuming and you will have to turn your back on the audience and break your eye contact, which is never a good idea. If you must use a whiteboard at other points during the presentation, come prepared with the right pens [black or dark blue] and write words in large, legible handwriting so that people can read it from a distance [it is best to print rather than using cursive].

If can also save interesting text passages along with the source and page numbers.


Moreover, when you insert a quote, the tool automatically adds it to your bibliography. You can use it to search resources from around the world, create tasks, analyze texts, save quotations and ideas, create drafts and write reports, articles, books, etc. The software also supports team work, allowing you to collaborate with your peers. Ref-N-Write is a complex academic writing tool that will help you finish your assignments or research in no time.

You can use this software to perform a full text search and navigate through all your documents, make sure that you use an appropriate tone for the field, look up for specific vocabulary, and more.

How I Organize Sources and Citations for Papers and Research Projects with Google Sheets

Ref-N-Write is perfect for non-native English speakers. The tool offers an impressive academic phrase bank of 20, frequently used phrases in academic writing. This will help non-native English speakers paraphrase their text and improve their academic writing skills.

This software allows you to efficiently focus on finding the right information for your paper and then note down your ideas. With TypeSet, you can now get your content into thousands of formats. If you want to join, you are sincerely welcome.

It's time to turn the note cards into an organized outline

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Among others, Docear offers: A single-section user-interface that allows the most comprehensive organization of your literature. With Docear, you can sort documents into categories; you can sort annotations comments, bookmarks, and highlighted text from PDFs into categories; you can sort annotations within PDFs; and you can view multiple annotations of multiple documents, in multiple categories — at once. This allows you to draft your own papers, assignments, thesis, etc.