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Here's how that looks when I spread it out.

And these are just a few of her books! Later in life, Trisha bumped into Mr. Falker and was able to tell him how far she had come.

Book in a Bag Book Report

On the back cover I included Patricia's final words to him. See how easy that is! It actually took a lot of time. Cut a piece of tape slightly longer than the bottom of the bag.

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Lay the tape down with half hanging over the edge. Flip the bag over and press the tape down on that side.

Paper Bag Scrapbook Designs

Trim off any tape that hangs over the sides of the bag. Repeat for both sides. Your paper bag portfolio is done and ready to be decorated! My girls chose to use oil pastels and watercolors. I love the way the bright pastels look on the paper bag.

Paper Bag Scrapbook Instructions | FeltMagnet

You could write your name or initial, draw your favorite animal, make an abstract design, or any other creative idea you can think of. I am pretty excited to have a designated spot for all our home school projects — maybe my kitchen counter will be a tiny bit less cluttered this school year! Amy is happiest surrounded by her husband, her three amazing kids, stacks of books, and craft supplies.

With a background in psychology, early childhood education, and elementary teaching, Amy is a supporter of playing dress-up, digging in the dirt, and squeezing out puddles of glue. Your email address will not be published. Gently wrap the paper around your book, ensuring that the book is centered so that there is an even amount of excess paper on each side. Fold the excess paper around the front and back covers to create gentle creases. The jacket should appear complete.

Book Madness: A Tournament of Books

Due to the folded edges from Step 3, small flaps should have been created at the top and bottom of your new paper jacket. Repeat with the front cover, and your book should be securely covered with a new brown paper jacket! Right: Book is securely covered. Note: Be careful using this method to create a cover for a paperback. It is absolutely possible, but the flimsier book might cause the jacket to slip off fairly easily.

And there you have it!