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The enriched Guide for Implementation of NSTP prepared by the researcher, formulated on the basis of the results of the study is envisioned to aid the implementation of the non-military program components for NSTP. This guide contains basic information, concepts and procedures pertaining to the different areas of Program implementation in the HEIs across the country.

Included in the Guide are samples of forms and documents of different sorts to serve as guide for the implementers. In view of the ratio, HEIs devised various types of schemes of monitoring trainees and trainors performances as well as project and activities done.

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There are scores of topics included in the training program especially the first phase of the training program against a limited time allotment totaling to 50 to 90 hours as mandated by the NSTP Law. This way, the communities and the underserved sectors benefit, to a varying extent, from projects and activities like livelihood skills training, literacy projects, community immersion-related undertakings and so many more.

As the non-military program components of NSTP are relatively new educational program. There are perceived problems along the 8 areas of NSTP. Hence, the NSTP implementers are wanting of having a basis for implementation to serve as frame in the operation of the non-military program components.

The guide formulated intended for NSTP non-military program component implementers aims to prescribe basis on how to deal with the areas of concern along their implementation. This is to do away with the practice of some implementers to apply the trial and error scheme. Based on the findings and conclusions drawn, the following recommendations are offered: 1. As the guide basically contains information and data elicited from various sources, it can be revised to include additional parts of preclude sections so as to attain greater relevancy.

Further studies be conducted to thoroughly assess the Program delving on a comparative study of the implementation of the non-military program components of NSTP by region. Calmorin, Laurentina P. Gonzales, Vivian A. Katz, Daniel and Robert L. Kahn The Social Psychology of Organizations. Polit, Denise F. Hungler Nursing Research: Principles and Methods. Williams and Wilkins. Philadelpia Lippincott, USA. Republic Act No. Casiano, Michael N. Castro, Ma. Celeste Y. Damot-Tino, Marilou A. Gacos, Alvin G. Jameri, Hadjad T. Mandapat, Jose Emmanuel C. Arcega, Raymund P. Cular, Francisco C.

The Philippine Constitution provides that the defense of the state is a prime duty of the government and the people, and in fulfillment of this duty, all citizens may be required by law to render personal military or civil service. To respond to the urgent needs of this developing country today and in the foreseeable future, it is equally vital to develop and enhance civic consciousness among the young generation to ensure national preparedness. NSTP, therefore, enables the youth, as the most valuable resource of the Filipino nation, to be motivated, developed and utilized in regard to their responsibilities as citizens and in fulfillment of their civil obligations.

The Model assumes the classical input-process-output framework ion systems approach where the input is the training program for students enrolled in any baccalaureate degrees or two-degree technical-vocational associate courses that will equip them with knowledge, skill, attitudes and values required to become good citizens who shall inspire the members of the communities through service-driven endeavors and initiate development works for the much-avowed strong Republic.

Capability Enhancement for Leadership This phase of the process is the initial step of capability student-trainees of the non-military program components of NSTP through training, education and development focusing on the good citizenship and transformational leadership paradigms. Assessment of Internal and External Environment A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the process.

NSTP Term Paper Essay

Environmental factors internal to the Higher Education Institution HEI are its resources and capabilities or weaknesses, and those external to the firm can be categorized as opportunities for organizational growth and threats in the system. This phase involves a needs analysis strategy for student trainers and the community consisting of consultative and participatory modes involving stakeholders and interest groups. The NSTP implementers should work collaboratively with the other units of their HEI so as to institute a multi-disciplinary, holistic and participative approach to addressing the problems and needs of the communities they serve.

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Essay about benefits of national service training programme - Answers

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The National Service Training Program

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