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I kinda thought I was getting an A hah! It certainly was not an A paper, after all. How delightful to hear your update! He or she is doing twice or three times the work it would take just to give you a single grade, and you will learn a lot if you take full advantage of the opportunity. Pingback: Links for exercises on using sources. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. This passage integrates a very brief quotation just four words into a sentence that helps the author make a point. When your own sentence mentions the author, do not repeat the author in the parenthetical citation. Do they feel that speaking and writing is more important than listening and reading? These people are boring at parties, but are they arrogant? They are compulsive communicators.

The above example makes a very small point, quoting a much longer passage than necessary, and expending far too many words on the buildup. Quote The streets are full of people who talk to themselves, who write journal entries to nobody. The streets are full of people who talk to themselves, who write journal entries to nobody.

Opinion This quote shows that people who talk too much may not actually be able to help themselves, so we should be kind to them. Which version do you think is better writing — the original words or the revision 27 words? Which version takes more skill to write? This revision is perhaps a bit hard to follow, when taken out of context.

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But if you put a bit of introduction into the space you saved by cutting back on wasted words, the thought is clearer. But businesses were soon clamoring for the services of typists, who were mostly female. This is a perfectly acceptable variation of the standard author-page parenthetical citation. You can introduce studies that agree with you Smith ; Jones and Chin and those that disagree with you Mohan and Corbett without interrupting your own argument.

See what I did there?

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Quote Selectively. Avoid Summary. Integrated Quotes Facilitate Smarter Writing How good is a composer who only lets one instrument play at a time? If the name is not available, you can use the screen name. In case the video is posted by a YouTube official channel, use YouTube. For example, if the video is created by Google, the username or the screen name is Google and it will be written as below. Then will come the title or the name of the video.

But the title should be written in quotation marks.

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Also, it should be in title case, i. It should be followed by a period. As the next part, you have to mention the website name, i. It should be italicized and followed by a coma. The Online video clip is the source type and the YouTube is the website. Also, note that the website name is in italic.

How I Organize Sources and Citations for Papers and Research Projects with Google Sheets

After that, mention the video posting date. Also, mention the word Web after the date. This would seem an extra text but it is important to mention that the source being cited is in an electronic or print form. So write web while citing a YouTube video, and follow with a period. Also, note that the word Web is followed by a period. Example: Google.

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YouTube , 04 March As the last part, you have to mention the date on which you retrieved the video. All the words should have the first letter capitalized and entire title should be enclosed in quotation marks followed by a comma. If the paper has a database number assigned to it, that can also help readers locate the paper more easily. Follow your instructor's guidance regarding in-text citations. Chicago and Turabian a simplified version of Chicago style style research papers may use either footnotes or parenthetical citations to cite references in the body of your paper.

Footnotes are essentially the same as the full citation, although the first and last names of the authors aren't inverted. For parenthetical citations, Chicago uses the Author-Date format. For example: " Kringle and Frost Method 3. Start with the authors of the paper. Invert the names of the authors so that you list their last names first, followed by their first names. Separate multiple authors with commas.

Provide the title of the research paper.

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In MLA, enclose the title and subtitle in quotation marks. Capitalize most words, but not short articles or conjunctions unless they are the first word of the title or subtitle.

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  • Identify the paper's location. MLA operates on the concept of containers. Your paper is part of a larger whole, which may be part of an even larger whole. In your citation, list the smallest container first, followed by the larger, all the way up to the largest. Your citation might be: "Kringle, Kris, and Frost, Jack.

    Helpful Guide on Various Research Paper Styles

    University of Alaska Library Archives. Accessed December 24, Use parenthetical references in the body of your work. After you mention something in your paper that requires you to cite the research paper, place the names of the authors in parentheses along with the page number where the information appears.

    Method 4.

    Overview - Citing sources - LibGuides at MIT Libraries

    An AMA citation begins with the names of the authors or editors of the paper. Use no punctuation apart from a comma between names. If there are more than 6 authors, list the first 3 followed by the abbreviation "et al. Provide the title in sentence case. In sentence case, you only capitalize the first word and any proper nouns included in the title of the article.

    If there is a subtitle, include it after a colon with an initial capital at the beginning of the subtitle. Include journal information if the paper was published. A research paper that was published in an academic journal should be treated like any other journal article.

    Include the abbreviated title of the journal in italics, followed by the year of publication, issue number, and pages where the paper appears.

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